Your Bedroom And You: How Can You Make The Ideal Sanctuary?

Every part of your home should reflect you. If you are the quiet type, the

Every part of your home should reflect you. If you are the quiet type, the colours you use, the design of your furniture, the interior décor should not call, forcefully, for attention. Instead, with quiet grace, they should etch themselves into the minds of visitors. And if you have a vibrant personality, you may go for loud designs and décor. No matter what you are, it is always best for your home to reflect you.

The reason for that is not far-fetched. Your home should be a haven of rest and comfort from the bustle and hustle of life. It should make you feel safe, and you can only feel safe if you are in your comfort zone. If your home goes against the ideals that you hold dear to your heart, you will always be frustrated and might end up hating it.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so it should portray your image more than the other rooms of the house. It is where you sleep, dream, and it shares with you the most vulnerable moments of your life. It must be a fortress and refuge for you.

·          Use what works for you as the bedding

For some, the ideal bedding should be soothing and quiet. For others they prefer it loud and bright. It is your sanctuary, so use what works for you. Make sure that whatever you use keeps you comfortable. Some online stores, like Urbanara, offer their services in this aspect. They suggest awesome and grand designs that keep you comfortable in your bedroom. You may read up on Urbanara reviews here.

·          Design your walls with patterns that attract you

Please do not leave the wall bare; use wallpapers or draw beautiful patterns on it. Let the wall itself tell your story. Put up great and beautiful works of art, and pour all of your feelings on it. In the end, make sure that the wall art is something with which you are comfortable.

·          Keep electronics from the room as much as possible

Keep your phones and other forms of electronics from the bedroom. Keeping your phone beside you is not healthy, but apart from this reason, use the bedroom as a place for meditation and a place to have your quiet time.

·          Go all out with the lights

Try to get more lights into the room. Let them be colourful and mild, sexy, and quiet. The bulbs you should use in your room should not be above 40 watts and less than 25 watts. You can also install a dimmer for the overhead lighting to reduce the intensity of the light.

·          Use blinds

The blinds are multipurpose—they keep what happens in the bedroom private, they block unwanted light from entering into the room, and they could also be part of the décor. You could check with online furniture retailers to pick fabulous designs of blinds that will naturally blend into the room décor.

Your home would lose the very definition of a sanctuary when it is cluttered and dirty. You must keep the bedroom spick and span. It gives you an aura of tranquillity, which is most needed in the bedroom.