VW ID.4 Teaser Shows Off Cleverly Camouflaged Exterior

VW ID.4 Teaser Shows Off Cleverly Camouflaged Exterior

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a car parked in a parking lot: VW ID.4 Teaser Video

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VW ID.4 Teaser Video

Well, this shows off a lot.

In early September, Volkswagen said it’d reveal the ID.4 before the end of the month. It hasn’t happened yet; however, a new teaser leaves little to the imagination. The video, highlighting the EV’s fast-charging capabilities, shows off the exterior with very little camouflage or distracting wraps. It’s the ID.4 in the metal, and we can see most of the bold design VW previewed in sketches at the end of August.

VW cleverly covered parts of the ID.4 with blue camouflage to help hide the car’s finer details as the video teases the EV’s fast-charging capabilities. You can spot it most noticeably on the front where VW has covered the outside corners of the headlights, the “grille” around the badge, and the lower fascia. It’s subtle and easily missable in the footage, but pausing the video makes the camo easy to spot. What’s not hidden is a sleek, stylish exterior that looks identical to the previous teasers.

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The video comes after VW showed off the ID.4’s interior. It’s unlike the automaker’s combustion-powered machines with a small digital instrument cluster next to a table-style infotainment screen jutting out from atop the dashboard. One interior feature VW is proud of is the ID.Light, an LED strip below the windshield that’s designed to alert drivers to various vehicle alerts and other notifications many new cars can deliver.

The Latest VW ID.4 News:

The bold design is for more than looks. The curvy, smooth shape will help the EV’s range. In Europe, the model is expected to offer a range of 310 miles (500 kilometers), though that’ll likely be less in the US, which uses a different testing regiment to determine a car’s overall range. Motivation will come from a pair of electric motors producing a combined 302 horsepower (222 kilowatts). There’s not much left for VW to reveal, but we can’t wait to see it in detail in the coming weeks.

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