The Pieces from Bellavista Collection You Can Do Without, But Why?

The Pieces from Bellavista Collection You Can Do Without, But Why?

When we furnish our homes, we quite predictably start with the things we can’t do

The Pieces from Bellavista Collection You Can Do Without, But Why?

When we furnish our homes, we quite predictably start with the things we can’t do without. A bed to sleep on, a wardrobe to keep clothes in, a dining table with chairs to sit on and at when having meals, and a sofa – to relax and think about getting something extra.

Because some of the things that we can well do without actually make our homes cozier, our lives – easier, and our moods – better.

Bellavista Collection will offer you everything you may think of – from prime quality Italian luxury furniture to little things that will add zest to your interior.

For example, let’s take a look at MY SECRET. This folding screen isn’t in fact a bare necessity, but how useful it could be! Using this screen, you can partition off some space, creating a comfy reading nook, a dressing corner, or a place in your home office where you can freely talk via Zoom or Skype without using special apps to hide the background. MY SECRET will come in handy whenever you want to split a large space into smaller zones. And, last but not least, this folding screen is nice-looking.

As to the size, MY SECRET comes in three size options that differ in width, made up of three, four or five panels. They are 159 centimeters (62.6 inches), 213 cm. (83.9 in.), and 268 cm. (105.5 in.) wide. All three variants are 180 centimeters (70.9 inches) high. Need a longer screen? No problem: with Bellavista Collection, you can order a customized folding screen, which will consist of more panels, if necessary.

Or would you prefer a metal curtain called TRASPARENZE? As it’s clear from its name, TRASPARENZE is transparent, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a great pick if you are looking for a room divider.

Made of many small custom-made elements (cast brass with antique bronze finish), connected with one another, this curtain can be of any size. All you need is to provide the brand with the dimensions of the curtain you want, and it will be produced to order.

MI-SERVO valet also doesn’t belong to goods of prime necessity. However, when it was first showcased at Salone del Mobile in 2019, it sparked great interest. No wonder: its sophisticated design attracts attention at once. Being an outwardly luxurious piece, MI-SERVO is extremely useful. If you get one, you will wonder how you lived without this valet.

MI-SERVO has a set of handy hangers for your clothes, a small shelf to put various little things on, and a special place at the bottom for your shoes. On the top of the valet there is an optional oval mirror in a thin frame.

You may choose among as many as five equally attractive variants of MI-SERVO: the valet could be either padded in crocodile-embossed leather or veneered in such fine woods as grey sukupira and ebony. The veneered options may come with a glossy finish if you wish. Both wood species and leather perfectly harmonize with the shiny chrome finish of the metal details, including the mirror frame.

These two pieces – and much more – you will find in the product category named HOME DÉCOR; in BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category, to be precise. It’s the most assorted section on the brand’s website, which surely is worth browsing through. There are twenty-two pieces here, and all are special.

Beautiful panel pictures and wooden trays fully padded in leather or with leather inserts; a designer frame for a picture and a chic planter for an indoor flower – each of these pieces can become an attention-grabber in a room or make a wonderful present.

And that’s not to mention well-known Bellavista’s cast brass statuettes, which come in a variety of finishes. These figures have actually become a calling card of Bellavista Collection brand.

You’ll surely love these sculptures: RHINO (a rhinoceros), FURIA (a horse), GREYHOUND (a dog), and, of course, IPPO the hippopotamus, which has long been the brand’s mascot.

Also, Bellavista Collection offers two pedestals – ARTE1 and ARTE 2– for you to place such a sculpture (or anything you like) onto.

Long-standing customers of the brand remember that a hippopotamus is Bellavista’s favorite animal. You’ll meet a lot of these animals while browsing the brand’s website, from engraved or printed outlines to sculptures.

For example, take a quick look at IPPO TRAY – an impressive tray for candles, which depicts bloat of hippos wallowing in a shallow pool and walking nearby. The tray is made of cast brass with a black patina finish, refined by hand, so it looks pretty much like a piece of art rather than a utilitarian object.

If you love candlelight dinners and parties, this piece is just what you lacked. IPPO TRAY is fairly long but low and narrow (88.5 x 17 x 7.3 centimeters, which is 34.8 x 6.7 x 2.9 inches), so you can well place it in the center of a large dining table.

Pour some water into IPPO TRAY, light four thick candles – and enjoy gazing at their light, its reflection in the water, and the cute brass hippopotamuses looking so lifelike in semi-darkness. As you see, this tray can add some spice to any gathering. If you’re thinking about a gift to a people person, giving IPPO TRAY will be an excellent idea.

Generally speaking, BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category is a treasure trove for everyone who is looking for a luxurious present.  In fact, any of the items can make a good one. Want to find a proper gift for a big boss?  Most likely, he or she will appreciate IL SAPERE, a chic book rest.  By the way, its name is Italian for ‘knowledge’.

Bellavista’s panel pictures – ROSE, FLOWER, or ART DECO – are so versatile that any of them will perfectly fit into almost any interior design. It makes these pictures superb gifts, too. So, why not give such a present to someone you love – or to yourself?