The Art of Making Each Customer Happy: Bellavista’s Approaches to Production and Doing Business

The Art of Making Each Customer Happy: Bellavista’s Approaches to Production and Doing Business

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of every company, whatever industry it operates

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of every company, whatever industry it operates in. You needn’t be a businessperson to agree with it. Making customers happy is among the basic goals of any business if it wants to survive in today’s highly competitive market.

Bellavista Collection, a dozen-year-old brand that designs, produces, and sells Italian luxury furniture, has managed to outrun the competitors and flourish. Interestingly, the brand has never used any magic managerial tricks – just good old common sense. Let’s take a closer look at Bellavista’s approaches to business which proved to be extremely successful. They are pretty simple.

Well, when a customer is happy? The answer is obvious: when they get exactly what they want, quickly and easily. So, Bellavista Collection ensures that all its customers receive even more than they could think of when they first land on the brand’s website.

Handy Website

Nowadays, browsing through the company’s website often is the first thing a prospective customer does. That’s why it depends on the website what a prospective customer will do next – order something or leave its pages for good.

Bellavista collection always realized it. Since the very inception of the brand in 2010, the company has paid great attention to its website.

To begin with, the site is intuitive and very easy to navigate. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it in no time: people who developed this resource took care of it.

For example, the section named PRODUCTS serves as an online catalog. It is split into categories and sub-categories with self-explanatory names, so you’ll never doubt what each of these parts contains. Beautiful high-resolution pictures help you imagine each item in detail, and drawings with exact dimensions ensure that you realize the size of the item from the very start. It means that nobody will be disappointed because the purchase doesn’t fit into the room.

Maintenance of the website is also a high priority: the close-knit team of professionals regularly updates the content, adding new photos and descriptions, blog posts, etc.

But that isn’t all. Social networks have long become an important channel of communication, and ignoring them wouldn’t be wise. Bellavista Collection has corporate accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz (an online community devoted to various aspects of home improvements, interior design, and the like). Social media came in especially handy during the pandemic and the latest edition of Salone del Mobile.

Plenty of Choices

Well, after you find the furniture piece to your liking, you are extremely likely to get a pleasant surprise. Almost every item in Bellavista’s online catalog is available in numerous variants in terms of size, shape, or material.

If you choose, say, a wooden dining table, you will have lots of veneering options to choose from – often there are up to a dozen wood species, sometimes even more. Plus, don’t remember about optional top marble inserts, available for a good share of Bellavista’s tables.

For example, the dining table TULIPE, with a grand-looking hammered brass leg, is offered in as many as ten veneering woods for its tabletop and three marbles for its optional top inset. TULIPE’s younger brother, so to speak – a coffee table called TULIPE LOW – gives you even more options. You’ll have to choose from as many as sixteen kinds of wood and marble. Looks like real agonies of choosing, doesn’t it?

Upholstered pieces, such as sofas, dining chairs, ottomans, and armchairs in most cases are available both in leather and in fabric. What is more, each variant implies a great number of leathers and fabrics to choose from.

But what if you want your new, say, armchair to be upholstered in a particular material – for example, to match other pieces in your room? No problem: Bellavista routinely provides such an opportunity. You can simply specify this requirement when ordering the piece and send your leather or fabric to Bellavista’s workshop.

Ask for More!

You can make use of more options from Bellavista than it states on its website. The brand has always been keen on customization. So, if you want something that isn’t on the list, you are pretty likely to get it! All you need is to tell the brand about your need.

Or maybe you dream about something entirely new, which exists only in your imagination? Bellavista’s design team loves such challenges! By the way, some interesting pieces you can now find on the website were designed from scratch after a customer’s order.  The two most successful examples are a gaming table that got the name LAS VEGAS (designed and first showcased in 2018) and TROUSSE – the walk-in closet that turned heads this June at Salone Internazionale del Mobile. In both cases, customers virtually pitched fresh ideas to the brand. They both got remarkable bespoke pieces, and Bellavista used the general idea to design similar items that eventually scored success at the trade fair and became bestsellers.

So, if you want something unique, don’t be shy – let the designers know about your wishes! Who knows: maybe, after the very first piece, designed specifically for you, there will be others that will make lots of people happy?

Friendly Support Staff

It’s no secret that the way the customer support team answers people’s questions matters a lot. Thanks to responsive and sympathetic support, the company gets lots of satisfied clients. On the other hand, delays with answers, rudeness, or indifference of a support team member could ruin all the efforts of the entire company. That is why, whenever you contact customer support, you can be sure that all your questions will be answered in no time. Not sure you understood the drawing correctly? Want to get an option not on the list or order a bespoke piece? Have questions about production or delivery? Bellavista Collection’s customer support team will be glad to help you at any time!