How To Clean Nylon And Nylon Blend Mats?

How To Clean Nylon And Nylon Blend Mats?

  Each entrance mat has the same job: trap dirt and moisture from the soles


How To Clean Nylon And Nylon Blend Mats?

Each entrance mat has the same job: trap dirt and moisture from the soles of the shoes of visitors. It is simple and universal. Even so, entrance mats can have different surfaces depending on a variety of factors: utility, aesthetics, weather, location, foot traffic, etc.

Different surfaces can mean that cleaning, maintenance, and longevity may differ.

This post will discuss how to clean nylon and nylon-blend entrance mats.


Nylon, a synthetic fiber, is highly recommended for entrance mats from Ultimate Mats. Nylon is a popular choice because of its many properties, which make it last longer and look amazing. There are many kinds of nylon. The type of matting you choose will depend on the use. Nylon is a luxury material that gives off a soft, luxurious appearance. Nylon is easy to clean and has excellent scraping and brushing capabilities. The matting is resilient to crush and bounces back even under heavy foot traffic. While nylon has some stain resistance, it can be dyed to increase its stain resistance. The color penetrates the fiber and not just covers the surface. The color will not fade easily due to this. As if all this weren’t enough, nylon dries quickly, so there are no wet, moldy floors or messy matting. It is easy to see why nylon matting material is so popular.

Cleaning and care

  1. Vacuum

To ensure that nylon mats last as long as possible, they should be vacuumed at the very least once per week.

A self-adjusting vacuum that goes deep into your pile is not recommended. This can cause extra fuzzing.

You should not use a stiff brush to scrub the beater bar. This will also cause fuzzing.

Vacuuming should not be done in a rush. Slowly move over the matting so dirt and soil can be removed from the mat fibers.

  1. Cleaning Spills

Clean up any spillages on your nylon mat immediately. Here’s how to do it:

As much as possible, absorb the spillage.

To remove as much moisture from the spill, use a white cloth to wipe it off. Repeat this process until the white cloth is clean and free of stains.

To get rid of the stain, you can use detergent. Use 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing soap in 1 cup of water. Apply the detergent water to the stained area with a clean cloth and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Rinse with warm, clear water. Blot off any detergent and liquid. To avoid soiling, ensure that all detergent has been removed.

To absorb as much moisture as possible, you can blot it out with tissue paper.

After the mat is dry, vacuum it and brush to make it fluffy again.

  1. Annual Professional Clean.

For a thorough clean, get matting professionally cleaned at least once per year. This will remove the dirt, dust, and grime that vacuum cleaners can’t.


In this blog post, we would like to recommend a few effective ways on how to clean nylon and nylon blend mats. By following the instructions given, you will be able to keep your mat looking its best and free from any stains or dirt. We hope you find the post useful and if not, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.