Cozy minimalist offers simple seasonal decorating advice

Every so often in the world of home design you meet a refreshing pro who

Every so often in the world of home design you meet a refreshing pro who doesn’t take herself too seriously, who is not afraid to own up to her mistakes, and who knows when and where to take the pressure off.

While I confess part of me is hoping you’re thinking, “Why, that’s you, Marni!” (I can only aspire), all is true about Myquillyn Smith, the voice behind The Nester blog, and author of three books, including her newest due out Sept. 15, “Welcome Home: A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round,” (Zondervan Publishing, hardcover $26.99).

I got an advance copy, which came with this self-effacing author bio: “Myquillyn is a self-taught, design-school dropout who took a week-long course so she could be a certified home stager and redesigner.”

How could I not like this woman? That same humble confidence shows through in “Welcome Home.” I mean, anyone who writes this can be in my inner circle: “As much as I want my home to feel connected to the season that’s happening outside our walls, I’m not willing to devote more time, money and storage space than what’s needed.”

Later in the book, Smith promises that her decorating advice won’t involve any “elaborate DIY projects,” “precise measurements” or “expensive, one-time-use party supplies.”

Can I get an Amen, sister?

The book’s four sections, divided predictably by season, include decorating and hosting suggestions in tune with the outdoors, ideas to express seasonal rhythms at home in a way that doesn’t involve dozens of color-coded plastic storage bins, and style moves that reflect the essence of the nature, not the plastic and pretend representation of it.

With directives that include more style less stuff, shop your house and shop your yard, Smith pumps the brakes on perfection, and teaches us her cozy minimalist ways.

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