Bamboozle Mixing Bowls Are The Kitchen Level-Up I’d Been Looking For

Bamboozle Mixing Bowls Are The Kitchen Level-Up I’d Been Looking For

A mixing bowl set isn’t usually the type of thing to inspire strong feelings. Unlike

A mixing bowl set isn’t usually the type of thing to inspire strong feelings. Unlike an iconic Dutch oven, beloved cast iron pan, or even a well-loved fine mesh strainer, bowls aren’t traditionally the subject of glowing reviews or passionate friend-to-friend recommendations. But it is literally my job to tell you when something in my kitchen is making my life easier, and in a move that’s surprising even to me, I feel compelled to gush about Bamboozle.

I felt nothing about my old mixing bowl set until I noticed that the whole collection had developed hairline cracks from being dropped and knocked against each other. I cook a lot, and am not always the most delicate person in the kitchen, so I’d opted for a set of thick plastic bowls, thinking that they’d be able to take some daily wear and tear. But I’d also purchased the cheapest set I could find, and a few years in, they started leaking drips of egg out of the side whenever we made pancakes—a sure sign they’d reached the end of their road. 

At around this time, either because the universe is on my side or my phone is always listening, Bamboozle mixing bowls started popping up everywhere I looked. They checked all of my boxes for a replacement purchase: nesting for easy storage, available in a variety of sizes (the brand makes sets of five or seven), and praised in online reviews for their durability. The pretty color choices and unusual base material were only added benefits. I spent a little more this time around than I did on my old mixing bowl collection (about $10/bowl), but in the months since I’ve subbed them into my kitchen I’ve found they’re worth every cent. Here’s why:


This is the biggest—and most surprising—benefit of Bamboozle mixing bowls: They are tall rather than wide. It’s a small tweak, but when compared to the average nesting set, it makes a huge difference. In addition to taking up less space on my shelf, Bamboozle bowls feel more efficient at their job: their depth speeds along the process of emulsifying mayonnaise and makes it easy to evenly fold mix-ins into cookie dough without spilling over the sides. 


As their name suggests, Bamboozle bowls (and their whole product line, which includes plates, compost bins, and more) are made of bamboo fiber, derived from the fast-growing, perennial plant. Bamboo can be harvested often without hurting the landscape or soil, which makes it an environmentally safe material for kitchenware construction. Bamboozle mixing bowls are dishwasher safe and extremely durable, dishwasher safe and resistant to moisture and heat. 


I love a good looking kitchen product, but I never thought my mixing bowls would qualify (especially because I’m too clumsy to own an all-glass set). Bamboozle’s bowls come in a few colorways—like rainbow pastels, greyscale, and a blue/purple medley called “Thistle”—that are striking but muted, cheery without feeling like they’re a part of your niece’s play kitchen. I like that they’re sturdy but thin, and feel confident taking them right to the table to use as serving dishes. After years of hard, candy-colored plastic, it took a minute to adjust to their matte finish, but now I’m never going back.  

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