Day: October 18, 2020

Hyundai, LG design Ioniq interior with TV, drinks, self-cleaning

With space-saving electric powertrains becoming more common, and the prospect of autonomous driving seeming more possible, many automakers have been considering what a car interior may be like in the future. A common idea is to make it like a living room or like your house, and that’s the take Hyundai and LG Electronics have chosen for this Ioniq interior.

The companies specifically emphasize how this interior is made possible by electric powertrains that offer more packaging flexibility. This is also why it has been branded as an Ioniq interior, since Ioniq will be Hyundai’s EV brand. The interior is

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Best PS4 external hard drives 2020

Looking for the best PS4 external hard drives in 2020? Then you’re in the right place. There’s no denying that the PS4 is a tremendous console, but it’s not exactly overflowing with storage – especially when you consider the sheer size of today’s top games.

Sony’s huge game library means that people will be playing the PS4 for years, and that means more storage is necessary. Happily, Sony is admirably open about adding capacity to the console, with accessible internals and support for external drives.

Not everyone will want to crack open their console, and it’s easy to use an

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