Day: October 12, 2020

Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Kitchen Tool Is A Food Scale And Here’s Why

Carrie Underwood is one of America’s sweethearts, so any advice she shares with her fans deserves to be tested out. She shares her workouts and dietary habits for all to see on her Instagram, and in her recent book Find Your Path, she talks about why a kitchen scale is her favorite tool.

Carrie Underwood smiling for the camera: Carrie Underwood explained in her recent book "Find Your Path" that her favorite kitchen tool is a food scale.

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Carrie Underwood explained in her recent book “Find Your Path” that her favorite kitchen tool is a food scale.

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price, design, release date, leaks and news

Apple has finally, officially confirmed this year’s Apple iPhone event, and the launch of the next new iPhone, the iPhone 12.

icon: iPhone 12: price, design, release date, leaks and news

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iPhone 12: price, design, release date, leaks and news

We’re expecting major updates, including the first iPhone design overhaul since 2017, potentially across a four-strong range of new iPhone 12 models, featuring a spread of different screen sizes. Whereas the current iPhone – the iPhone 11 – was more a case of ‘evolution’ rather than ‘revolution’, the iPhone 12 could well feature an all-new aesthetic and is expected to be packed with plenty of

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Lake Worth home decor consists of 16 years worth of Budweiser cans

Lake Worth man spent 16 years ‘decorating’ his home

Jorge Milian
| Palm Beach Post

LAKE WORTH — If strange home decor is your thing, this Bud – er, Lake Worth condo – is for you. 

From the outside, the two-bedroom, 820-square-foot residence in the Lucerne Greene Condominium community near Lake Worth Road and Florida’s Turnpike, looks like any other.

But those who step inside say they’ve never seen anything like it.

Every inch of the condo’s walls and ceilings – except in its two bathrooms – is covered in cans of Budweiser beer consumed by the homeowner and his

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Interior design tips improve your mental health

Marie Feltz
 |  Erie Times-News

Having been homebound for the major part of this year, it’s possible you have wondered about the effect your interior design might be having on your mental outlook. It’s a good question. In fact, mental health professionals have been examining the role interior design plays on mental health since long before the pandemic.

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine was at the forefront in its July 2016 article “Aesthetics and Well-Being: How Interior Design Affects Your Happiness.”

“It should not surprise us that interior designers are ‘stealing’ some knowledge from psychology to improve emotional impacts of the space,”

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New murals to adorn exterior walls of Akron Civic Theatre

Things might be quiet inside the Akron Civic Theatre, but things outside are about to become a lot more exciting.

The historic theater in downtown Akron announced Tuesday, Sept. 15, that it is adding large-scale outdoor murals — by internationally known artists — to its surrounding area. The effort is part of the theater’s Staging the Future capital campaign aimed at beautifying downtown. The initiative comes as the city’s construction and transformation of Main Street is finishing up.

Murals will adorn the exterior walls of the Civic facing South Main Street and West Bowery Street. Additional works by regional artists

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