Day: September 7, 2020

Giant Food Announces Extended Relationship with Union Kitchen to Offer Shoppers Access to Locally Made Products

Eleven Union Kitchen member brands now available through Giant Delivers

LANDOVER, Md., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Giant Food, the leading greater Washington D.C. regional grocery chain, today announced that it is expanding its relationship with Union Kitchen, a food and beverage accelerator, to offer several new locally made products to Giant shoppers through Giant’s delivery service, Giant Delivers. The addition of three new Union Kitchen member brands, Walt’s Waffles, Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuits, and EAT Pizza, comes after the success of the first eight Giant added to its roster in May: 8 Myles, Mas Panadas, Compass Coffee,

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Eating Your Own Dog Food Doesn’t Guarantee Good Design

There’s an expression common in high-tech companies that product designers should “eat their own dog food,” a.k.a. “dog fooding.” The idea is that if companies use their own products, they’re more likely to ensure those products are usable.

While “dog fooding” sounds like common sense, it’s not that great an idea in real life, because it tends to result in product designs that make sense to the designers rather than to customers.  

When confronted with a complex product, users automatically create a mental, conceptual model of how they behave, and then make decisions about how the product should behave based

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There’s No Excuse for Buying or Decorating With Blackamoor

The design world, like many industries, has faced a much-needed reckoning over the past several months as important conversations about race, diversity, and social justice rose to the forefront of American consciousness. The conversations have happened and continue to happen at House Beautiful, too. We are learning, evolving, and looking more closely at the role we’ve played in injustice and what we can do to contribute to equality moving forward.

a person sitting on a bed: The figures are a clear symbol of centuries of racism.

© William Vandivert – Getty Images
The figures are a clear symbol of centuries of racism.

One of those actions is to call out art and decor that, no

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Collect Interior and Warren Neidich Launch Art Mask Collaboration – Press Release

September 3, 2020 – Warren Neidich and Collect Interior have joined forces to support creatives during the COVID-19 crisis by launching a limited edition of wearable cotton masks inspired by Neidich’s art installation “Artists Are Essential Workers / Art is An Essential Service” (2020). The masks will be available to purchase exclusively through Guild Hall and Warren Neidich Studio. 20% of the proceeds from this collaboration will benefit Guild Hall in East Hampton. 

Warren Neidich is an interdisciplinary artist working between Los Angeles, Berlin and the South Fork. He currently uses video and neon to create cross polinating conceptual text

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Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) – Next Tesla Update Will Enable Cars To Play Elevator Music From Exterior Speaker

One of the best features of Tesla Inc’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) vehicles is the ability to get over the air updates. Owners often wake up to a car with new features and abilities that it didn’t have the night before.

One new feature coming soon touted by CEO Elon Musk is the ability for the car to play elevator music from the car’s external pedestrian warning speaker. This speaker was originally mandated for electric vehicles to emit a noise to warn nearby pedestrians of the car’s presence, since EVs are so quiet.

Several months ago, Musk teased that Teslas will soon

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