12 Festive Ways to Feature Fall Pumpkin Decor in Your Home

12 Festive Ways to Feature Fall Pumpkin Decor in Your Home

As you think back to your fondest fall memories, a fun trip to the pumpkin

As you think back to your fondest fall memories, a fun trip to the pumpkin patch could very well top your list. And if you’re a fall fan, you’re likely a pumpkin enthusiast, too, whether you enjoy picking bright-orange gourds, savoring sugary pumpkin doughnuts, or lighting a fragrant fall candle.

Luckily, there are so many ways to weave fall pumpkin decor into your home. Apart from the myriad carving methods (or even no-carve options), there are other ways to decorate with the favorite harvest produce. Display tissue paper pumpkins as a centerpiece, or transform a pumpkin into a fresh and stylish planter. In addition to just-picked pumpkins, perfect your DIY talents by crafting charming faux pumpkins to showcase around your house. A few pieces of leftover fabric can be turned into sweet little pumpkins in a flash. Or keep it easy by simply wrapping bittersweet vines around white pumpkins for a boost of spirited color. Your front porch, dining room table, fireplace mantel, and more can all benefit from a dose of pumpkin pizzazz.

1. DIY Outdoor Pumpkin Decor

Double up on your dose of pumpkin with a DIY fall porch decoration showcasing seasonal gourds. Simply combine two baskets filled with pumpkins using craft wire, attach driftwood or a stick to form a stem, and attach a spooky face made of felt. Nestle your DIY pumpkin in with mums and fall foliage.

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2. Pumpkin Phrase Display

We love a chalkboard or letterboard to display fun fall phrases, but what about utilizing pumpkins instead? Use light-colored gourds to better show off your favorite seasonal quote. Then simply apply letter stickers ($9, Amazon) for easy fall pumpkin decor that works in any room.

3. DIY Plaid Pumpkins

Craft fabric pumpkins for fall decor you can enjoy long past Halloween. These black-and-white flannel pumpkins pair easily with traditional fall colors like orange, yellow, and red, and easily transition to winter palettes when the first snowflakes hit the ground. Use a timeworn flannel shirt to create soft plaid pumpkins, or turn to ticking fabric for a striped look.

4. Chinoiserie Pumpkins

Get the same bygone look of beloved vintage chinoiserie vases and china on your pumpkins. With blue and white chalk-style paint, you can accent your real or faux pumpkins with antique florals. This fall pumpkin decor is ideal for a front porch or above a fireplace and works well with nontraditional fall color schemes.

5. Paper Pumpkins

Honeycomb tissue-paper pumpkins have been around for decades, and today’s versions can be handcrafted or purchased ready-made ($13, Walmart). For a moody look, make these plump faux pumpkins in muted colors, like burgundy, taupe, and charcoal. Arrange them on a dining room table and accent with paper leaf cutouts for an easy fall centerpiece.

6. Kitchen Pumpkin Display

If you have a bar cart or coffee station in your kitchen, spruce it up for the season with fall pumpkin decor. Head to your local pumpkin patch and pick small gourds or harvest them from your own garden. Place them in bowls and on top of plates for pops of fall color in your cook space.

7. Berry-Wrapped Pumpkins

To simplify your DIY efforts this fall, add visual interest to lumina pumpkins (or white faux pumpkins) by wrapping them with bittersweet. You can go with the real deal or purchase an artificial version ($9, Michaels). Vary the size of your pumpkins for visual interest.

8. Pumpkin Planter

Utilize a large pumpkin as the base of this rustic planter. Carve out the gourd of your choice, fill it with fall blooms, and add grapevine for even more charm. For a longer-lasting arrangement, carve out a faux pumpkin, line with a garbage bag, and drill holes for drainage.

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9. Knit Pumpkins

Fall is the time for weaving and knitting projects. It’s a look that lends itself nicely to pumpkins, too. Wrap embroidered burlap fabric and yarn around your pumpkins, and secure everything in place with hot glue. Now that’s cozy!

10. Fast Harvest Centerpiece

Pumpkins and other gourds in muted colors come together with kale to create a garden-inspired focal point for your fall table. Head to your backyard for seasonal produce you might already be growing, or pick up everything at the grocery store. Replace the kale with flowers or berries as needed throughout the season.

11. Porch Pumpkin Display

Put vintage silverware to use as a quick and easy pumpkin display. Use wire to attach the utensils to your gourd. Pick a classic seasonal word like “Fall” or choose any word you like, though the shorter the phrase, the easier the assembly.

12. Bandana Pumpkins

You probably have a few old bandanas lying around your house. Put them to good use by making them into adorable fabric pumpkins. You’ll need stuffing, twigs, and string to complete the DIY fall craft. They happen to look picture-perfect alongside a few well-loved books and candlesticks.

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