‘Living’ clothes that absorb emissions pave future for innovative fashion design

Canadian-Iranian designer Roya Aghighi wants you to imagine that your shirt is alive.

a person standing next to a body of water: Image of "Biogarmentry"

© Courtesy of Roya Aghighi
Image of “Biogarmentry”

Far from dreaming up a horror movie script, Aghighi hopes we can develop a more intimate relationship with fashion — by treating clothes as living beings that need our help to survive.

“You’re not going to throw your clothes in the corner of your closet or into the washing machine,” she said over the phone from Vancouver. “It’s immediately going to shift the way you think about your clothing.”

Aghighi’s thought experiment isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem.

Working with a group of scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC), she has invented a living, biodegradable fabric named Biogarmentry. Made from algae, the biofabricated textile photosynthesizes, which purifies the air around it.

"Biogarmentry" explores the future of fashion by combining research from the fields of synthetic biology and design.

© Courtesy of Roya Aghighi
“Biogarmentry” explores the future of fashion by combining research from

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Home decor sales are booming at brands like Target and HomeGoods, as shoppers outfit their living spaces to double as offices, schools, and fitness studios

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Wachirawut Priamphimai/Getty Images

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Wachirawut Priamphimai/Getty Images

  • Home decor sales continue to surge during the pandemic as Americans look to liven up their houses, which are now doubling as offices, schools, or fitness studios. 
  • Retailers including Target, TJX Companies, Bath & Body Works, Home Depot, and Lowe’s all reported an increase in home decor purchases as the pandemic continues. 
  • We just think there’s more sales and market share up for grabs in the home area, and we think home goods are well positioned to do that,” TJX Companies CEO Ernie Hermann said on a call with investors this week. 
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If there’s been one consistent bright spot for the retail industry during the pandemic, it’s been home decor and improvement sales. 


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Several major retailers — ranging from big-box companies like Target and Home Depot, to mall brands like Bath &

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53 Best Living Room Ideas

Blue Velvet Sofa in Living Room

Mike Garten

Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a quick refresh, spice up the family’s favorite room with these pro tips.

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Colorful Light Fixture

Update an unattractive, outdated light fixture with a few coats of paint, round bulbs and pom-pom fringe for a whimsical touch. Strong colors overhead pull together the room’s eclectic vibe.

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Streamlined Shelves

Refresh your storage by taking the jackets off old books (load up at yard sales) to expose the stitching or covering your collection with coordinating papers.

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Tilted Mirror

For a laid-back look on your mantel, rest a sturdy style against the wall – no hammering required.


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Lush Leaves

Fill any underused nook or corner with a big, ol’ houseplant and it can instantly become the personality-packed focal point of the room. Tuck the pot in a

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