Vandal destroys exterior of Louisiana Catholic church in two-hour rage


For nearly two hours, a man wearing blue jeans and no shirt could be seen vandalizing the outside of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Tioga in the early morning hours Wednesday on video from the church’s security video. (Photo: Courtesy of Immaculate Heart of Mary)

For nearly two hours, a man wearing blue jeans and no shirt could be seen on security video vandalizing the outside of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Tioga in the early morning hours Wednesday.

In a press release issued by the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department, detectives identified the alleged suspect as Chandler D. Johnson, 23 of Pineville.

The release states the detectives “established sufficient probable cause for an arrest warrant and on September 10th, Johnson was located and taken into custody without incident.”

Johnson was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center 1 for one count criminal trespassing and one

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Taking care of your home’s exterior can help keep you warm this winter

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – It’s that time of year again where we want to stay protected from the harsh winter and stay warm inside our homes.

Green Built Roofing is our new Home Exterior Expert! Mike joins us today to tell us more about how to best protect our homes.

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Green Built Roofing
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Change of exterior paint color requires HOA membership vote in condo

Ryan Poliakoff, Condo Q&A
Published 10:13 a.m. ET Sept. 12, 2020


Dear Poliakoffs,

I am the president of our association.  We are a community of 88 one-story townhouses, 26 duplexes and 12 triplexes. We are classified as a condominium.

We will start to repaint all buildings starting Oct. 1 this year. For 30 years these homes have been painted several shades of beige. Our board would like to introduce some color this time on a voluntary basis.

Here is our problem:

Florida Statute 718.113 requires us to obtain approval of 75% of the homeowners to change a color. In reality, this is an impossible task. We need 66 yes votes to proceed. Most of our people are full-time residents, but there a few rentals and some snowbirds.

If we get 50% vote participation for the election of directors, we feel that we have been very

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Editing Sims 4 apartment exterior: Is it now possible?

Call us Speculating McSpeculatingFace, but perhaps the idea of the next Sims 4 expansion pack having a “create your own town” theme is not so crazy after all.

Unless, of course, this has been a thing for a while and we just missed the news. If that’s the case, we apologise profusely for our ignorance and for looking really silly.

We already know that the September update patched in loads of debug building shells, but while playing around with remodelling some apartments for our made up house flipper career, something odd happened.

a sign on the side of a road: Sims 4 Paint Apartments Outside

© Provided by Extra Time Media
Sims 4 Paint Apartments Outside

The exterior of the apartments in Evergreen Harbor (the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack neighbourhood) was editable. As you might recall, editing the exterior of the building was not possible when the expansion pack was released due to the dynamic

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Two Redmond teens injured after allegedly riding on exterior of vehicle | Local&State

Two Redmond teens were injured late Thursday night after an incident involving the two of them riding on the exterior of a moving vehicle.

Redmond Police and emergency responders were called near the intersection of SW 31st Street and SW Indian Avenue just before 11 p.m. after receiving a report of an alleged hit and run with a vehicle that injured pedestrians, according to a Redmond Police Department press release.

Redmond officers, detectives and an Oregon State Police crash reconstructionist found there was no hit and run. Instead, the two teens, a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, were allegedly riding on the exterior of a vehicle driven by their sibling, a 17-year-old girl, the release stated. The driver then suddenly came to a stop, throwing the two teens off the vehicle.

It is unclear how the teenagers were riding on the vehicle’s exterior.

The 13-year-old girl had life-threatening injuries,

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2021 Hyundai Kona unveiled: Gets sportier exterior and new N Line variant

Hyundai Kona has been one of the most successful models for the company in terms of being a crossover. And now, the exterior has been refurbished for a more sporty appeal and it is the first time the Kona gets an N Line trim.

Hyundai Motor Company has taken the wraps off the new 2021 Hyundai Kona along with a performance-focussed version of it. This is the first time the Kona has been rolled out in an N Line variant. The Kona N Line gets design features distinguishing it from the standard variant, including its sporty front and rear end, body colour claddings, and diamond-cut wheel design. The Kona facelift has also been upgraded significantly in terms of exterior and interior features.

The new Kona gets a new front end design that is now sportier with the protective cladding panels, the bonnet that stretches over the centre grille with a

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How to remove mildew from your home’s exterior | Suburban Life

Homeowners want their residences to look inviting inside and out. Part of keeping an attractive property involves addressing issues that can compromise not only the appearance of a home, but even its integrity.

People who live in regions with high humidity may find their homes are vulnerable to exterior mildew growth. Mildew is a kind of mold. Molds include all species of microscopic fungi that grow in the form of hyphae, which are multicellular filaments, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Mold thrives on any organic matter and surfaces with moisture management problems. Mildew, in particular, lives on shower walls, windowsills and other places where moisture levels are high. Mildew also can grow on home siding as well as fences and other exterior structures. While typically gray or white, mildew can be various colors.

Experts recommend various cleansers to help combat the issue of mildew on a home. One of

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Behind this unusual black exterior lies a stunning modern family NSW home that can withstand CYCLONE

Behind the black panel walls of an unusual beach house on the New South Wales Central Coast lies a breathtaking modern family home that boasts uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean.

Built 10 years ago on Forresters Beach, between Terrigal and Bateau Bay, the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home is fitted with a games room, home gym, multiple living rooms, a frameless shower and a courtyard.

The architect Matt Thitchener built the property to withstand cyclones if necessary, due to the fact that his parents – who previously owned the house – are structural engineers. 

It is split across three levels and houses decks on each level, alongside a beautiful spacious rooftop and spa. 

Behind the black panel walls of an unusual beach house on the New South Wales Central Coast lies a breathtaking modern family home that boasts uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean (exterior pictured from behind)

Behind the black panel walls of an unusual beach house on the New South Wales Central Coast lies a breathtaking modern family home that boasts uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean (exterior pictured from behind)

Built 10 years ago on Forresters Beach, between Terrigal and Bateau Bay, the unusual property is split across three stylish levels (exterior pictured from the side)

Built 10 years

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“As If Shaped By The Wind Itself”

a close up of a car: Volkswagen ID.4

© insideEvs.com Copyright
Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen describes the ID.4’s design as such: superior power, packaged in organic forms.

Ahead of the unveiling of the ID.4, Volkswagen has released a new blog post about the exterior design of its first all-electric crossover/SUV.

The company highlighted three hallmarks of the ID.4: powerful proportions, flowing lines and sculptured rear.

Klaus Zyciora, the Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group, who designed the car together with his team, describes:

“The ID.4 represents an electric design evolution. Its exterior design is clean, flowing and powerful. It appears strong and self-confident in a new way. This is mainly due to the seamless, aerodynamic style of our ID. family, which we have transferred to the SUV segment for the first time with the ID.4. This means that gentle, soft transitions alternate with sharp, clear separating edges. The design looks as if shaped by the wind itself. At

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VW ID.4 Shows Off Its Bold Exterior Design Ahead Of Debut

a close up of a car: Volkswagen ID.4 Front 3/4

© Motor1.com Copyright
Volkswagen ID.4 Front 3/4

It’ll be Volkswagen’s first ID model in the US.

We’re confident Volkswagen is days away from fully revealing the ID.4. Earlier this month, the German automaker said a debut would happen “in a matter of weeks.” Time is ticking, but today, the company is showing off the crossover’s exterior. VW takes the curvy styling of the smaller ID.3 and stretches it over the larger vehicle. It features a broad face, a raked windshield, and super-short overhangs.

However, the crossover’s shape is about more than style. It’s functional, too. VW was able to give the ID.4 a 0.28 drag coefficient. VW achieved this with the shape of the crossover’s body and passenger compartment. At the rear, the taillight clusters and large roof spoiler work together to

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