Dear Poliakoffs,

I am the president of our association.  We are a community of 88 one-story townhouses, 26 duplexes and 12 triplexes. We are classified as a condominium.

We will start to repaint all buildings starting Oct. 1 this year. For 30 years these homes have been painted several shades of beige. Our board would like to introduce some color this time on a voluntary basis.

Here is our problem:

Florida Statute 718.113 requires us to obtain approval of 75% of the homeowners to change a color. In reality, this is an impossible task. We need 66 yes votes to proceed. Most of our people are full-time residents, but there a few rentals and some snowbirds.

If we get 50% vote participation for the election of directors, we feel that we have been very