Day: September 26, 2020

French country mansion has luxury outdoor kitchen, game room, theater for under $1 million

French country architecture meets luxurious and timeless masterpiece with this mansion, boasting a theater, game room, and luxury outdoor kitchen. 

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Halloween Decor You Can Keep Up All Season

You know the routine: You put up decorations for Halloween, only to take them down a few days later. Then, you put up Thanksgiving decorations, only to replace ’em with Christmas decorations. But who has the time for all that?

Yes, you want to be festive, but the seven tubs of decorations you house in your closet dedicated to the holiday season are too much (and, let’s be real, taking up much-needed closet space). But is it even possible to put up decor appropriate for all those very diverse holidays? Even decor you can leave up until after Christmas? Yup! And doesn’t that sound wonderful? Decorate your house just once? That leaves so much more time for holiday activities with the family, from pumpkin picking to snowman building.

Ahead, we’ve gathered up 15 Halloween decorations — including a few DIY decor ideas for all you crafty folks — that you

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Nike transforms a Boeing 787 interior to keep pro athletes rejuvenated and healthy on the fly!

None compares to Teague when we talk about designing interiors of Boeing commercial airliners. So, how could they resist the temptation to craft the interiors of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner tailor-made for pro athletes? The Seattle-based cross-discipline design firm collaborated with Nike to come up with the Athlete’s Plane that keeps athletes in top playing condition, even when they traverse three timezones to play a crucial away game. Specifically designed for a basketball team, the airborne facility has everything a player needs to be 100 percent mentally and physically fit to negate the “away disadvantage.” To extract the best performance out of players, when it matters, the quality of travel is important – for the team staff as well. To this end, Teague closely interviewed professional players, coaches, and operational staff to conceptualize this athlete-centric Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s interior.

Once the problem was identified, Teague worked with expert designers and

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Editing Sims 4 apartment exterior: Is it now possible?

Call us Speculating McSpeculatingFace, but perhaps the idea of the next Sims 4 expansion pack having a “create your own town” theme is not so crazy after all.

Unless, of course, this has been a thing for a while and we just missed the news. If that’s the case, we apologise profusely for our ignorance and for looking really silly.

We already know that the September update patched in loads of debug building shells, but while playing around with remodelling some apartments for our made up house flipper career, something odd happened.

a sign on the side of a road: Sims 4 Paint Apartments Outside

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Sims 4 Paint Apartments Outside

The exterior of the apartments in Evergreen Harbor (the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack neighbourhood) was editable. As you might recall, editing the exterior of the building was not possible when the expansion pack was released due to the dynamic

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