Day: September 25, 2020

Green Opportunities ends Kitchen Ready and YouthBuild programs

ASHEVILLE – Green Opportunities’ YouthBuild and Kitchen Ready programs are shutting down and will be replaced with new programs that have not yet been determined.


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Sherman Williams, chairman of the organization’s board of directors, told the Citizen Times that GO is “still in discussion” about what new programs will be created, whether they will be similar to the ones they’re replacing and when they will debut.

“We’re thinking and hoping that it will be just as successful as what we’ve had in the past,” he said of his expectations for the new programs’ effect on GO’s community.

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The programs that are ending are doing so because their funding sources have expired, Williams said. GO also is not seeking new funding for those programs at this time.

GO has suffered some financial issues in

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Samsung Wins 48 Design Awards

Samsung won a whopping 48 awards at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2020. The company bagged one Gold, four Silvers, four Bronzes, and one Best-in-Show award in the competition, it announced on Thursday.

IDEA is one of the longest-running and most prestigious and influential design awards programs globally. Hosted annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) since 1980, 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the show. This year’s edition was a virtual event that took place on Wednesday, September 16th.

Samsung won several top design awards at IDEA 2020 for creative, cutting-edge products across multiple categories. Those include its cooking range, Family Hub refrigerators, foldable smartphones, smart TVs, IoT devices, and more. This shows the Korean company’s expertise in creating interactive and sustainable product designs.

Samsung wins 48 awards at IDEA 2020

Samsung’s BESPOKE Family Hub refrigerator won silver at IDEA 2020 for its customizable modular design.

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The 10 best indoor hanging plants for home decor

A longtime bohemian standard during the 1970s, hanging houseplants have returned in a big way as demand for plants has skyrocketed in the pandemic and Instagram influencers flaunt their indoor jungles.

Plant parents love to dote on their houseplants, especially now that everyone is hunkering down at home, but are all indoor plants well suited to hanging?

Bloomscape’s resident plant expert Joyce Mast advises evaluating your home and lifestyle before choosing a houseplant to hang in your home.

“What kind of light will your plant enjoy?” Mast asked. “How much time will you have to take care of its needs? And are you

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With Investment from Interior Logic Group, Roomored Solidifies Position as Nation’s Premier Virtual Home Design Solution


3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks With Over 7% Dividend Yield

Markets are volatile, there can be no doubt. So far this month, the S&P 500 has fallen 9% from its peak. The tech-heavy NASDAQ, which had led the gainers all summer, is now leading the on the fall, having lost 11% since September 2. The three-week tumble has investors worried that we may be on the brink of another bear market.The headwinds are strong. The usual September swoon, the upcoming election, doubts about another round of economic stimulus – all are putting downward pressure on the stock markets.Which doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities. As the old saw goes, “Bulls and bears can both make money, while the pigs get slaughtered.” A falling market may worry investors, but a smart strategy can prevent the portfolio from losing too much long-term value while maintaining a steady income. Dividend stocks, which

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