Day: September 11, 2020

Massachusetts Homeowners: Guide To A Successful Kitchen Remodel

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Make it easy for your contractor to remodel your kitchen with these 4 tips.
Make it easy for your contractor to remodel your kitchen with these 4 tips. (Shutterstock)

Is this the year you finally get around to that kitchen remodel you’ve always wanted? Fall is almost here and it’s time to start planning a kitchen makeover in your Massachusetts home.

Make it easy for your contractor to work by clearing out your kitchen ahead of time. One week before work is scheduled to begin you can start packing up those items you won’t be using again until after the renovation. This includes dry foods, such as canned

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Lucid Motors’ design chief explains the electric Air’s toughest challenge

Designing concept cars is easy. Designing a car that can actually make it into mass production, at a competitive price, and take on both auto industry heavyweights and high-profile disruptors, well, that’s a whole other story. With the 2021 Lucid Air finally revealed in road-going form, I caught up with Derek Jenkins, VP of Design at Lucid Motors, to find out why a sedan, why all-electric, and what sets this particular EV apart.

Jenkins is no stranger to the auto industry. When he joined Lucid in mid-2015, eighteen months before the concept Air was first revealed, it was after more than six years as Director of Design for Mazda North America. That role had followed nine years as Chief Designer for Volkswagen of America, and seven years before that at Audi.

Lucid Air, though, doesn’t look like anything from Jenkins’ pen before, something the design chief says was by intent.

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Right pop of color makes big impact for small price

When you’ve been writing about home design for as long as I have, certain expressions really begin to wear — like “bring the outdoors in.” Please, living in the tropics with three dogs, I spend a good amount of time taking the outdoors back out, sticks, mud, mosquitoes, frogs. Another worn expression is “then just add a pop of color.”

Next time I hear a designer say, “just add a pop of color,” I’m afraid I’ll say right back, “I’ll give you a pop of color. Where would you like it?”

I’m sorry, but the words “just” and “color” don’t belong in the same sentence. First of all, picking a background wall color is already triple-black-diamond difficult, but selecting a look-at-me accent color,
that perfect-pitch purple pillow, is way harder. And would someone please define ‘pop’? I picture the living room after a game of paintball.

So when a design

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2021 Nissan Frontier interior revealed in new photos

Nissan’s next-generation Frontier is inching closer to production, and these spy photos show off the one thing we’ve yet to really learn about the new truck: its interior. While it’s clear that Nissan put some effort into disguising many of the interior elements, it wasn’t quite enough. 

Many of the details are still obscured and the panel fitment is definitely preproduction, but we can see more than enough to appreciate what Nissan has in store for the cabin of its overhauled pickup. Let’s start with the wheel, which no longer looks like a junkyard pull from a totaled Versa, and then the infotainment screen, which was clearly designed alongside the dash opening, rather than as an afterthought. It doesn’t look particularly large in these photos — probably around 8″ or 9″ diagonal, tops — but it’s a far cry from what we’re used to in the outgoing Frontier. 

Elsewhere, we

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The First Customer-Delivered Bugatti Divo Is A Thing Of Beauty

Shortly after customers started to receive their Bugatti Divos, one of the very first examples was transported to Topaz Detailing in the UK.

The Divo is a very, very special thing. Bugatti is building just 40 examples of the exclusive Chiron-based hypercar, and whereas the Chiron Super Sport 300+ and Pur Sport have a similar bodywork to the standard Chiron, the Divo’s exterior is totally bespoke.

Each example starts at €5 million ($5.9 million), and that’s before any personalization options. Consequently, the owner of this Divo sent it to Topaz to have the exterior covered in a bespoke paint protection film to cover all of the striking body panels and keep them in pristine condition.

Watch Also: Bugatti Divo Is Faster Than The Chiron, Yet As Easy To Drive As A Golf

The exterior of this particular Divo has matte grey paint across most of the exterior along with a

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