Day: September 9, 2020

Apple iPad Air To Feature Dazzling Design, Edge Touch ID, Report Claims

The rumors and reports of the next iPad coming into land are getting louder. In recent days, new iPads were specified in the Eurasian Economic Commission database, alongside multiple new Apple Watch Series 6 models. And now there are reports of a new iPad Air with a radical new design. Could the two reports be linked to the same product? Here’s what we know so far.

MORE FROM FORBESApple Watch Series 6 Imminent, Will Arrive Before iPhone 12, Listings Suggest

Seven iPad models listed

The listings, spotted by MacRumors, come in two parts, which suggests that two different iPads are being refreshed. One listing has two versions, the other has five. There’s no more detail than that, and the fact that they all run iPadOS 14, which is only in

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Best Dried Pampas Grass Arrangements to Buy on Amazon

You’ve undoubtedly seen dried pampas grass arrangements scattered across on Pinterest boards, the Instagram feeds of style bloggers, and probably the majority of outdoor weddings you’ve ended in the past five years. The first time I encountered the fluffy botanical arrangements was on an apartment tour posted on one of my favorite home decor blogs, and let’s just say I was instantly obsessed with this mysterious plant? a flower? Frankly, I really didn’t know what on the earth they were, or what to even type into the search query to try and figure it out—let alone how to buy some of my own online. All I knew is that I just had to get my hands on some of my own for my lackluster apartment (and a chic gilded vase to match their creamy coloring, of course).

After hours of scouring the web and probing several style-savvy friends for some

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Opposition lawmaker assaulted after Turkey’s interior minister targets him on Twitter

Aug 31, 2020

A Turkish opposition lawmaker filed a criminal complaint against Turkey’s powerful interior minister today after he was assaulted by unidentified men as he emerged from an Istanbul restaurant. Baris Atay, who was hospitalized for multiple injuries, said Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu had incited the attack through a threatening tweet. The affair is seen as a further dark page in Turkey’s descent into lawlessness and impunity.

Atay told Tele1 TV, a pro-opposition news channel, that one didn’t “need to be a soothsayer to grasp that the attack was linked to Soylu.” “It was a planned ambush,” he said. Eyewitnesses claimed one of the assailants had filmed the attack on his mobile phone while the rest laid into him before disappearing into separate directions.

 “The interior minister targets a lawmaker. The same night, Baris Atay is attacked. Is [he] an interior minister or a gang leader? It’s impossible to

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Jericho Exteriors Offers Full Service Exterior Home Renovations in Mission, B.C. – Press Release

Mission, B.C. – Jericho Exteriors is a full-service exterior finishing contractor in Mission, B.C. Founded from a humble beginning 15 years ago, Jericho Exteriors has continued to offer exterior home renovation services.

Speaking on Jericho Exteriors’ mission and purpose, John Burton, the company’s owner, and spokesperson said, “At Jericho Exteriors, we want to partner with you on your exterior renovation. We have the competency, knowledge, and creativity to make your vision a reality. Your home is precious. Let us protect it.”

Having been in the renovations industry for a long time, Jericho Exteriors has gained experience and expertise that sets them apart from their competitors. The experts offer services that include installation and replacement of vinyl siding, fiber cement, soffits and fascia, longboard siding, Sagipur siding, wood trim and siding, masonry & brick, and windows and doors.

The Mission Exterior Home Renovations company has been involved in major projects that

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