Day: September 1, 2020

24 Design Terms You Might Stumble Upon While Shopping for Home Decor

When shopping for home decor, there’s a whole lexicon of design-world terms that might be unfamiliar to a regular shopper. But many of these terms actually have a pretty significant impact on the product you’re looking to buy. So we’re here to help you decode some of the most common interior design words you might stumble upon on your next shopping excursion—to help you make the most informed purchase.


Bench-made: Officially, bench-made furniture is crafted by a single highly-trained artisan from start to finish; some retailers, however, used the term to signify high-quality handmade pieces, regardless of how many people work on them.

8-way hand-tied: A high-quality type of suspension in the seat of a sofa where springs are tied by hand in eight directions; usually more expensive due to the quality of craftsmanship.

Kiln-dried wood: Lumber that has been dried in an oven to the desired level

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40 of the Best Home Decor Stores in America

Ceylon et Cie, Dallas

AD100 designer Michelle Nussbaumer houses a treasure trove of vintage and antique finds from the furthest reaches of the globe in her Dallas design district warehouse and shop. Complementing the exuberant menagerie of pieces is Nussbaumer’s fabric collection with Clarence House, as well as a line of plaster furniture and lighting.

Ceylon et Cie.

Photo: Courtesy of Ceylon et Cie

Paloma & Co., Houston

Offering a dose of cofounders Paloma Contreras and Devon Liedtke’s timeless style, the concept space displays work by emerging artists, global finds, and colorful tabletop items and gifts. “We are constantly adding new antique and vintage finds to our mix,” Contreras says.

Paloma & Co.

Photo: Kerry Kirk

Moxie, Houston

Founded by designer Dennis Brackeen and located in the Upper Kirby shopping district, Moxie is a go-to source for high-end antiques, vintage modern furnishings, lighting, and decorative accessories. Last year,

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Interior Secretary Approves Oil Drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge

WASHINGTON—The Trump administration approved an oil leasing program for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Monday, opening up the pristine 19-million-acre wilderness to drilling for the first time and making it difficult to unwind the decision should Democrats recapture the White House in November.

Approving the program clears the way to auction oil leases “right around the end of the year,” Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said in an interview. The decision caps more than 30 years of efforts by oil companies and Alaskan leaders to drill in the refuge.

Environmentalists have raised concerns about the impact drilling could have on the polar bears and caribou herds that live in the remote refuge in northeast Alaska. Congress passed a mandate to lease oil rights in part of the refuge in its tax overhaul in 2017, when both the House and Senate were in Republican control.

Mr. Bernhardt said the drilling can

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Northface Construction Announces that Homeowners Want More Dynamic Colors on Their Homes’ Exterior in 2020

Northface Construction Announces that Homeowners Want More Dynamic Colors on Their Homes’ Exterior in 2020

In-home construction news, homeowners have been focusing on new trends in home exteriors.

Elk River, MN – August 21, 2020 – Completely white houses with black shutters are a thing of the past.  Homeowners in Minnesota don’t want their house to look like their neighbor’s house.  They want their house to be the standout in the neighborhood.  What do homeowners want?  Color!

According to Northface Construction, the most popular trend in exteriors is mixing light and dark colors.  For example, a house might have dark slate blue garage doors.  But then the upper story sliding might be a lighter slate blue.  Then the gables might have shakes that are the same color as the garage doors.  But that’s not all – the trim could be in a contrasting white color.

For a less dramatic look, a homeowner might choose a simple grey siding for all of the exterior, but

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